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Elixir Software Engineer HelloLending - Manhattan

Date 20 Nov 2018
Workplace Onsite / Remote
Type Freelance

Looking for full/part time or freelancer. Proficient in Elixir. Understanding of Software Design Patterns, Service Oriented Architecture, REST API’s, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Taking responsibility for code quality, security and scalability. Curiosity and enthusiasm for life. Engagement, self-reliance and strong collaboration skills. Tech stack we use Elixir React Native

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Elixir Programmer ettain group - Durham, NC, United States

Date 1 Nov 2017
Workplace Remote
Type Freelance

We are looking for an Elixir Programmer with extensive experience working with Ruby and JVM Languages to help with an emerging mobile app company in the Durham, NC. 100% Remote - Contract to Hire. Looking to hire QUICKLY!

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