What is this?

ElixirJobs is a site built to help developers to find their next Elixir job, and to help companies to reach the vibrant community that are the Elixir developers.

Also, our aim is to gain visibility for the Elixir job market, showing potential offers to developers all around the world, and using the tools they like to use.

Why should I post my job offers here?

Because it's free and will provide your offers of a larger visibility.

Also, we will distribute your offer through RSS and Twitter ( follow us! ), so they will potentially reach more developers.

Closing thoughts

Last but not least, ElixirJobs is a web app written in Elixir + Phoenix running in production, also serving as an example to whoever wants to take a look at it's source code, improve it or fork it.

We also like to thanks René Föhring, creator of ElixirStatus, which project served as base and inspiration to create this site.


Last but not least, we want to thanks the companies that are helping ElixirJobs: