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What is this?

Elixir Jobs is a site built to help developers to find their next Elixir job, and to help companies to reach the vibrant Elixir community of developers.

Also, our aim is to gain visibility for the Elixir job market, showing potential offers to developers all around the world, and using the tools they like to use.

Why should I post my job offers here?

Because it's free and will provide your offers of a larger visibility.

By posting your offer on our site, it will be distributed also using RSS and Twitter (why not start following us?), so you will potentially reach more developers than using other ways. And more important: you will be reaching developers that want a new job.

Closing thoughts

Last but not least, Elixir Jobs is a web app written in Elixir + Phoenix running in production (you can check its source code), so it's also a live example that Elixir and Phoenix are production-ready.


Last but not least, we want to thanks the companies that are helping Elixir Jobs: