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Principal Elixir Engineer Massdriver - Remote (US)

Date 3 May 2022
Workplace Remote
Type Full time

Massdriver (YC W22) is hiring our founding engineering team. Massdriver is a PaaS for platform engineering, allowing engineers to quickly deploy secure, scalable infrastructure using a simple diagramming interface in _your cloud account._

Massdriver is batteries included for teams that don’t have operations or DevOps experts. When your team hires operations engineers, they can use the open source tools they love today without having to deal with the boring plumbing of ops or the burden of triaging engineering change requests.

Our stack: React / NextJS, Elixir / Absinthe, Golang, Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS/GCP/Azure


* Planning and execution of core massdriver features
* Building a highly productive team of engineers to rapidly deliver features
* Work cross functionally with frontend engineering team
* Follow software development best practices to create maintainable and extensible software solutions
* Work in an agile manner with transparency and fluid communication within the engineering team and across other teams in the company


* Generous equity in an early stage startup
* Unlimited paid vacation
* 100% covered health, medical, and dental insurance
* 401k w/ 4% matching
* Conference stipend

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