Full Stack Developer Carbon Five
29 Nov 2017 NYC

Carbon Five Technical Leads have 5 or more years of professional experience and love to guide projects to successful outcomes. You have to be excited about mentoring and supporting everyone on the team. You know how to carve big problems into small pieces that can actually get done and you know which problems to avoid because the value proposition just doesn’t add up. You also…

  • Coach teams and clients on product development process details
  • Have experience facilitating iteration planning meetings and constructive working sessions
  • Identify risks early and ensure they are addressed before they become actual problems
  • Have strong Elixir and (Ruby or JavaScript or Java) skills
  • Have strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Enjoy pair programming (we may not pair all the time, but everyone pairs)
  • Are curious about other languages and platforms (Swift, iOS, Go, …)
  • Enjoy being given goals and finding ways to achieve them
  • Value XP

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